Dementia Education


A New Resource For Dementia Caregivers

Grief, Loss & Dementia: Caregivers share their journeys

39:30 minutes DVD

Disenfranchised grief, as described by Dr. Kenneth Doka, occurs when a loss is not acknowledged by others, publicly mourned, or socially supported. For family caregivers, this adds significantly to the impact of the unique emotional and psychological challenges they face on the dementia journey. Grief, surprisingly, is often not recognized by family caregivers themselves, or by the health professionals who work with them.

This DVD and supporting workbook were created by the MultiMedia production team at the Vancouver Island Health Authority, in Victoria. In June 2012, the project won an international Questar Gold Award.

In the first three chapters, family members speak frankly about their many losses, the complexity of dementia-related grief, and the importance of self-care, acknowledgement and support from others in maintaining their resilience over many years of caregiving. The 4th chapter, Supporting Dementia Caregivers Through Grief and Loss, discusses the under-studied area of disenfranchised grief and dementia, and introduces recent research on coaching interventions, conducted by the University of Victoria’s Centre on Aging and VIHA Seniors and Spiritual Health.

The DVD can be used by individual caregivers, by facilitators of grief support groups, or by health professionals in home & community, residential and seniors’ mental health care.

The DVD package, which includes a CD containing a printable pdf of a 28-page workbook, Understanding and Managing Loss and Grief, is available for $20.

Printed and spiral-bound copies of the workbook may also be ordered for an additional $20.

To order, contact MediaSales@viha or visit to download an order form and to find out about our other health education videos.

NOTE: This product will be soon be available at Yukon College Library for rental. Simply obtain a community library card and access the information.

Telephone Education Workshops

Learn from home – participate in the Alzheimer Society of B.C.’s free one-hour telephone workshops.  It’s easy to participate;  Workshops include a live web video of the presentation, making it easy for you to follow along on your computer while you listen on the phone. , or you can simply dial in and use only your telephone.

You will also have the option of downloading handouts after the session for information on Telephone Workshops  at, click on “We can Help”  scroll to “Telephone Workshops” Here you will find information on sessions such as:

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